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Automated Tool Dispensing Systems – The Benefits to Automotive Dealerships

February 12th, 2021

Does your shop need an automated dispensing solution for tools?

If your technicians are spending precious time searching for specific tools, if they can’t remember where their gloves, lubricants, parts or any other job materials are, then you need a system in place to manage those materials and respond quickly to their needs.

The loss or mismanagement of needed tech supplies not only costs money to replace the items, but also leads to lost productivity and longer work times for repairs, directly affecting your customers.

Great dispensing solution devices should benefit a multitude of industries from the automotive industry, dealerships, manufacturers, suppliers, (OEMs) original equipment manufactures and aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Particularly useful in autoshop environments, these types of machines should be capable of managing:

• Power tools
• Hand tools
• Consumable materials
• Calibration and serialized assets
• Measuring equipment
• Testing equipment
• Portable laptop computers
• Hand-held radios
• Items in need of recharging

Automated dispensing solutions should have the ability to be tailored for each facility’s needs.

When you add the advantages of one such system to your facility, revenues will increase, productivity goes up, and customer satisfaction will reach all time highs.

Replacement costs for lost tools will dramatically go down, lost hours due to disorganization will be cut, and centralized inventory management are just some of the benefits of tool and materials dispensing automation.

Another consideration when choosing the right vendor to provide automated dispensing systems is the ongoing support they provide.

Be sure to choose a company that will provide you ongoing support from experts knowledgeable in all areas of the automotive industry from operations to management.

After extensive research and analysis of business needs, an appropriate configuration of the dispensing system will be designed to maximize use for the business.

A designated consultant will typically design the tooling management to optimize efficiency, as well as bring best-practice knowledge of service operations.

Ongoing evaluations should be adhered to, in order to determine where further improvements could be realized once the system is in place.

Functionality and ease of use are key features that the vendor you select should provide as standard items within the solution that you are seeking to implement.

Hesitation to implement the variety of automated dispensing systems available is costly and unproductive.

After you see the benefits of such a system you’ll wonder why you ever waited.

Be sure to use a premier provider of point-of-use inventory control systems when looking for such solutions. One who brings solutions proven simplification to the distribution and management of MROP (Maintenanc